I’ve been around the creative sector for as longs as I can remember. Growing up my parents ran a graphic design business and it was obvious from an early age that I would one day follow in their footsteps so, after a brief stint in the film industry, my career began in the family studio as a junior. They’d transitioned from drawing boards and Cow Gum to Apples and Macs several years earlier but I couldn’t even switch a computer on… I knew absolutely nothing.

So I learnt the basics – colour theory, composition, grid systems, software, software, software. I worked my way up through the ranks and I really enjoyed it. Then after eight years or so I decided I wanted more. Different clients, different disciplines, different budgets – in short I needed a new challenge and decided to go freelance and see where that went.

This change of path took me to into the offices of a raft of design firms and creative agencies in and around London. Some big, some small; some friendly, some terrifying. Some you’ll have heard of and some you won’t. I was fortunate to work alongside some incredible professionals, I learnt a hell of a lot, I got repeat bookings and I also started to pickup my own clients along the way. They may not have been as prestigious as the ones I worked for at the multi-national agencies but – as the saying goes – Rome wasn’t built in a day and I was laying bricks.

It was during this time that I decided in order to give my customers the best service I could, I’d need a skillset that was integrated and which allowed me to tell their stories in unique and original ways. I didn’t like restrictions and I didn’t want to be pigeon-holed. I wanted to be fluid and blur the lines – to design, to artwork, to retouch, to write copy, to add motion, to coherently tie it all together…

Of course nobody can do everything, and nor should they. But my career has definitely shifted from what I’d consider to be that of a traditional graphic designer and I still don’t like restrictions. So I now offer a well-rounded creative service, where I can call in some of the best talent I’ve met if and when required. I believe in transparency, building relationships and imagination regardless of budget.

I also love telling other people’s stories much more than my own so if you have a project you want to discuss get in touch…. Talk isn’t just cheap, it’s free.